DC Ad Club Represented With 33 District Two ADDY® Awards

May 13, 2013


Eighteen local entrants who won Gold and Silver ADDY Awards at the DC Ad Club’s 2013 American Advertising Awards went on to garner additional awards at the District level of competition. The DC Ad Club is represented with 15 Gold ADDYs and 18 Silver ADDYs in the District Two competition, which includes entries from local competitions in Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.
This showing is a record for the DC Ad Club, both in the number of entrants and number of awards. Local entrants included agencies, freelancers, and clients.
The complete list of local winners is:
  • Gold ADDY: “WWF Together” for World Wildlife Fund (Digital Advertising, Apps, Tablet)
  • Silver ADDY: “WWF Together” for World Wildlife Fund (Digital Advertising, Video Commercials)
  • Silver ADDY: “WWF Together” for World Wildlife Fund (Elements of Advertising, Digital Creative Technology, Interface & Navigation)
American University
  • Gold ADDY: “American University Admissions Materials” (Collateral, Brochure Campaign)
Design Army
  • Gold ADDY: “Neenah Boston” for Neenah Paper (Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, Collateral)
  • Gold ADDY: “The Ties That Bond” for Washingtonian Bride & Groom (Collateral, Publication Design, Editorial Spread or Feature)
  • Gold ADDY: “Alice (In Wonderland) Photography” for The Washington Ballet (Elements of Advertising, Photography Campaign)
  • Gold ADDY: “INTREPID” for UVA Library (Collateral, Annual Report)
  • Gold ADDY: “Green Hat Gin Website” for New Columbia Distillers (Digital Advertising, Websites, Consumer, Products)
  • Gold ADDY: “Green Hat Gin” for New Columbia Distillers (Sales Promotion, Packaging)
  • Silver ADDY: “Flowerly Speaking” for Washingtonian Bride & Groom (Collateral, Publication Design, Editorial Spread or Feature)
  • Silver ADDY: “Alice (In Wonderland) Posters” for The Washington Ballet (Advertising for the Arts & Sciences, Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY: “HRC: Growing Up LGBT” for Human Rights Campaign (Public Service, Collateral, Brochure/Sales Kit)
  • Silver ADDY: “Green Hat Gin Poster” for New Columbia Distillers (Collateral, Poster)
  • Gold ADDY: “Emergency Preparedness PSA :30” for CTIA - The Wireless Association (Public Service, TV)
  • Silver ADDY: “Wireless Mind TV :60” for CTIA - The Wireless Association (Elements of Advertising, Animation or Special Effects)
Glorified Freelancers
  • Silver ADDY: “Move Your Money” for Move Your Money Project (Digital Advertising, Video Commercials)
  • Silver ADDY: “Osprey Cove Brochure” for Roseland Property/Osprey Cove (Collateral, Brochure)
Home Front Communications
  • Gold ADDY: “Stop On Red” for National Coalition for Safer Roads (Public Service, Collateral, Poster)
Human Factor
  • Silver ADDY: “The Bible” for History (Elements of Advertising, Sound Design)
Interface Media Group, Inc.
  • Silver ADDY: “S.T.E.M. Mentoring” for Booz Allen Hamilton (Elements of Advertising, Animation or Special Effects)
MDB Communications
  • Gold ADDY: “Powerful Moments” for Destination DC (Newspaper, Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY: “Exquisitely Evil-Cinema” for International Spy Museum (Cinema Advertising, In-Theatre Commercials or Slides)
  • Gold ADDY: “The Original Tablet—8 versions” (Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, Print)
  • Silver ADDY: “2013 NPR Wall Calendar” (Direct Marketing, Specialty Advertising)
Pappas Group
  • Silver ADDY: “.CO SXSW Event Slideshow – Cocktail” for .CO Internet (Out of Home, Interior, Still or Static)
  • Silver ADDY: “Annual Report” for Global Fund for Children (Collateral, Annual Report)
RP3 Agency
  • Silver ADDY: “City of Possibilities :30” for Norfolk Southern (Television. Regional/National, Single, Services)
  • Silver ADDY: “City of Possibilities” for Norfolk Southern (Elements of Advertising, Animation or Special Effects)
  • Gold ADDY: “MSinspiration Films — :60 ‘Rick’” for Biogen Idec (Digital Advertising, Video, Branded Content)
  • Silver ADDY: “Open Enrollment: ‘Long-Term Disability’” (Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, Non-Traditional)
  • Gold ADDY: “Samurai” for National Geographic Museum (Newspaper, Color)
Travel Channel
  •  Gold ADDY: “Bizarre Foods America Press Kit” (Sales Promotion, Sales Kit)
The American Advertising Awards Competition is a three-tiered national competition conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), its chapters, and districts. With 40,000 entries nationwide, the ADDY® Awards Competition is the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition for creative excellence.
Winners from the District Two competition will go on to compete in the national competition. Judging takes place in early May and winners are announced at the AAF National Conference in June, in Phoenix, AZ.

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