Why should I join Ad 2 DC?

Ad 2 DC is an incredible opportunity to get involved in the advertising and marketing industry. Not only is joining Ad 2 great for your professional development and career, it gives you the opportunity to meet tons of new people that share similar interests!

Education – Programs targeted specifically to the educational needs of young professionals.

Leadership – A broad array of committee management and steering committee opportunities are available to help prepare you to be a leader in your own organization.

Networking – As an Ad 2 DC member, you are given the unique opportunity of being able to network with peers that share your same needs and interests, and with various industry professionals in the D.C. metro area.

Public Service – One of Ad 2 DC’s most regarded involvement opportunities comes from its unyielding commitment to public service. Members can take part in planning and implementation of a comprehensive advertising campaign for a worthy non-profit organization at no cost to the client. The experience allows members the chance to acquire valuable industry experience while contributing to a worthwhile cause.

How does Ad 2 help our DC community?

Ad 2 DC has a Public Service campaign that selects a non-profit organization to whom they provide a year of advertising services at no cost to the client. Ad 2 chapters across the country traditionally create a fully-integrated marketing campaign, which includes TV and radio spots, print and outdoor ads, public relationship and media relations, brochures and newsletters, websites and media placements via PSA. The campaigns are presented each year in front of industry judges and peers at the AAF National Convention in June.

What type of programs does Ad 2 DC offer?

Ad 2 DC provides various programs for our members and the community. Each month, we have a free networking event to help you connect with D.C.’s finest advertising and marketing professionals. Our Tips & Tricks series provides insights on topics to help give you an edge up from social media to LinkedIn to Photoshop shortcuts. Larger programs, such as FutAd, feature high-profile speakers sharing industry trends.

How much does it cost to attend Ad 2 programs?

Our monthly Water Cooler Wednesdays are free to attend and don’t require registration. Programs range from free for members to $25, and $10-50 for non-members. All programs require registration.

How can Ad 2 enhance or further develop my skills set?

Ad 2 DC offers a variety of opportunities to expand your knowledge. We have several committees for our members to get involved with and learn leadership skills. So whether you are in account service, marketing, creative or media buying, we have something for you to get involved with and learn.

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