Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Hal Schild, SVP Creative Services, PCI

Hal Schild SVP Creative Services, PCI,

Hal blends award-winning creativity, technical ability, and business acumen to oversee video, graphic, online, multimedia, and event production at PCI. Previously, Hal provided multimedia services for leading corporations, networks and headline entertainers, and the U.S. Government.

Recent Success:
The National Biodiesel Board has partnered with PCI over the past seven years to produce an annual conference series that matches and heightens the intrinsic energy and enthusiasm of biodiesel industry leaders. The individuals and organizations that created an exciting and important new advanced biofuel share a visionary and determined ethos. With diverse business expertise – from farmers, fuel stock producers, to fuel distributors, marketers, and retailers - they have joined forces to achieve remarkable success and impact in a few short years.

Favorite Emerging Trend:
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, for video production.

Why I joined DC Ad Club:
I was extremely excited to be able to participate as a board member for 2015 as the co-chair of the 2015 American Advertising Awards gala.

It was great to work with our advertising community to recognize the individuals behind the truly outstanding creative work that the DC advertising community has produced.

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