A 501(c)(6) Non-profit Corporation

Communications Director
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Arlington (Rosslyn), VA
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Position Description: 

This position serves as the Communications Director for a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation located in Arlington (Rosslyn), Virginia.

The Communications Director develops and implements strategic communication strategies and plans providing effective, proactive and goal related communications with all internal and external audiences. The communications director will directly manage a variety of communication activities, including marketing, public relations, website, digital channels and social media, while promoting, enhancing, and protecting the organization's brand. The Communications director will be responsible for varied and integrated communications products and services including but not limited to: newsletters, reports and collateral; web, E-new, social and other online communications; media and public relations; and marketing.


Communications Strategy, Vision and Leadership
  1. Develop and implement an integrated strategic communications plan to advance brand identity; broaden awareness of programs and priorities; and increase the visibility of its programs across key stakeholder audiences
  2. Create and implement associated marketing, public relations, electronic and social media plans that will create awareness, buzz and desire for the lifestyle and business atmosphere across all audience groups
  3. Identify challenges and emerging issues faced by the organization. Work with leadership team and staff to recognize internal and external communications opportunities and solutions, and define and execute appropriate strategies to support them
Communications Operations
  1. Manage messaging, positioning and brand, and oversee development of all print communications including the annual report, marketing collateral materials and electronic communications; the website and social media;
  2. Seek out and prioritize media and other speaking opportunities, and prepare talking points, speeches, presentations and other supporting material as needed
  3. Actively engage, cultivate and manage press relationships to ensure coverage surrounding programs, special events, public announcements, resident and business activities, and other projects
  4. Oversee the day-to-day activities of the communications function including budgeting, planning and staff development and manage relationships and projects with associated vendors and contractors
  5. Establish strong relationships and maintain proactive communications with key external stakeholder groups, including the board of directors, county staff and officials, businesses, residents and retailers
  6. Establish strong relationships and develop appropriate materials, messaging and communications support for key programs and products in internal departments to ensure that key messages and brand are integrated across the organization
  7. Conduct market research, including customer satisfaction surveys, focus groups and communications analytics to measure success, identify areas of need and guide future decisions for all communication program areas

Scope of this position is broad, requiring strategic thinking, strong initiative and outstanding project management skills. This position has decision-making authority and requires excellent judgment, written/verbal communication skills and leadership abilities.

How To Apply: 

For consideration as a candidate or to suggest a prospective candidate, please contact in confidence The McCormick Group: [email protected]

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