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Ad 2’s Public Service initiative distinguishes Ad 2 from other industry-related organizations. Since the early 1960’s, Ad 2 chapters from across the country have been providing pro-bono advertising and marketing campaigns to non-profit organizations in their local communities. Together, Ad 2 chapters have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, secured millions in donated media and increased volunteers for numerous organizations. To date, over 300 non-profit marketing campaigns have been executed by Ad 2 chapters. Campaigns are showcased each year at the AAF National Conference during the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition.

Ad 2 DC is proud to participate in this initiative each year. Ad 2 DC handpicks one local D.C. metro area non-profit each year to receive a fully-integrated pro-bono marketing campaign that includes marketing collateral, media, public relations and more.

For the 2013-2014 year, Ad 2 DC worked with the Washington Literacy Center. The campaign placed second nationally, providing the client with advertising, social media, public relations, fundraising and infrastructure support. In addition to the campaign itself, the non-profit and the new advertising efforts are showcased at the AAF National Conference during the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition. Previous pro bono clients have included: Our House, A Space of Her Own, Dreams for Kids DC and Teaching for Change.

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